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Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith (Multi-language) (DVD)

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This DVD has made headlines all over the US and Canada. Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith takes a firm, detailed look at the teachings of Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints otherwise known as the LDS Church. Using historical LDS church documentation this video compares Josephs message with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. Was Joseph Smith a prophet of God or a deceiver? You be the judge as you watch this informative 90 minute production. This Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith DVD has over 40 minutes of bonus videos including: The Good Test, Burning in the Bosom, The Priesthood, What is Hell and A New Beginning Also includes a resource catalog.

Produced by: LaBarge Media
Run time: 80min
Format: NTSC

Dubbed: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Subtitled: English

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*Quick Sleeve packs contain the same DVD as an amaray jewel case, just packaged in a smaller cardboard sleeve.